From one of the essays…

From one of the essays I'm reviewing today, Home Bhabha's "DissemiNation":

For the political unity of the nation consists in a continual displacement of its irredeemably plural modern space, bounded by different, even hostile nations, into a signifying space that is archaic and mythical, paradoxically representing the nation's modern territoriality, in the patriotic, atavistic temporality of Traditionalism.
Somehow, that seems relevant to all the spec fic writers among you. Myth-making. That kind of thing.

I'm done with reading new material. This afternoon, finish taking crit. notes. This evening, review some of the fiction. Getting tired. Glad this will be over soon, one way or the other.

The play last night was decent, and a good break (fun to get dressed up with jewelry and make-up and a pretty blue dress), but it didn't blow me away. I'm curious about Wilson's other plays, the Pulitzer winners, now, wondering if I'd be more impressed with them. Maybe I'll read them sometime. If I ever willingly read anything again...

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