Morning, munchkins. …

Morning, munchkins. Finished Identity, which was fine, but largely uninspiring. Too specific to British politics of that time period for my needs. Good interview with Bhabha, though. Now reading Jenny Sharpe's Allegories of Empire: The Figure of Woman in the Colonial Text, which appears so far to be a pretty straightforward feminist analysis of fiction surrounding the 1857 Indian Mutiny (the one where the British forced sepoys to eat beef and pork before stuffing them into cannon and shooting them). I like straightforward feminist readings -- they're generally clear, and rather refreshing. And sometimes they get my blood boiling, which is a good antidote to the peril of falling asleep (due to a restless night -- weird nightmares last night (in one of them, I lost my laptop bag in the airport minutes before the flight, no points for interpreting that dream!)).

I have a mass of notes to review after that. I've been putting that part off. But then I'll read a chapter of Vince's book (the bit on Dubliners), and then I'm down to just one last book for tomorrow. So I should actually get some time to review fiction as well as all this crit, which is very good.

We have theater tickets for tomorrow night -- if I manage to finish all my reading in time, I might actually go. It's even vaguely relevant: August Wilson's Gem of the Ocean, part of a cycle chronicling the African-American experience in America. Looks interesting.

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