Can someone remind me of…

Can someone remind me of the name of that service that lets you buy airplane tickets cheaply, but you don't know what time of day you're flying 'til after you buy the ticket? I can't remember what they're called...

5 thoughts on “Can someone remind me of…”

  1. Priceline, maybe? I think others are doing this too, now, although I can’t seem to find the section of Travelocity or CheapTickets that I thought was doing this, hmm.

  2. Hmm…that’s not the one I was thinking of, the one I’ve used before. Dangit — there’s a big hole in my brain, and all the useful information is seeping out of it, being replaced by words like heterogeneity, use-value, hegemony, etc. and so on.

  3. Priceline’s the obvious one, but otherwise… Hotwire? Orbitz? Any of these places?

    I’ve always used Expedia, personally, but I’ve had tight parameters on just when I wanted to arrive and depart when I’ve flown…

  4. It was Hotwire, actually. I like them because they almost always give me a direct afternoon flight on United (where I have frequent flyer miles). They did it again this time. So now I have tickets to go take my exam. Which means that if I chicken out, it’ll cost me $300. I suppose I’d better just go.

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