What’s amazing is that I…

What's amazing is that I still love Kevin even though he drank all the NyQuil the last time he was sick, and then didn't tell me it was all gone, so that I didn't know, so that I didn't replace it (of course, he wouldn't have replaced it himself, I don't even hope for that possibility, my requests are far more modest), and *then* he went out of town yesterday, leaving me to a) get sick, and then b) discover that we have no NyQuil (at midnight, when I'm about to go to sleep), and c) I just have to trust that he didn't leave the nearly full bottle of DayQuil sitting there on the shelf just to taunt me, because if that were the case, then I'd have to actually kill him, despite still loving him and wishing that he were coming home from his math conference today instead of tomorrow night.

I did sleep okay, though. Head and throat more ooky this morning. Ordered books last night, so on to last essay in Spivak.

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