I adore Spivak. I find…

I adore Spivak. I find her almost irresistably persuasive -- to the extent that I have trouble thinking critically about her work. And more than that -- I find her resonant, inspiring. In the course of reading this book, I've had at least three story ideas for my dissertation collection; if only I had the time to stop and write them! I need to remember this; when I'm feeling stuck with the writing this summer (if all goes well with the exams, I'll be finishing the first draft of the dissertation in early summer), I should come back to Spivak, especially the last few essays in the book. Maybe if I tell you it now, one of you will remind me when the time comes. :-)

I've also had The Fellowship of the Rings DVD playing in the background, thanks to Mike Jasper's inspiration. I've mostly tuned it out, concentrating on the text, but every once in a while, I'll raise my head and catch a glimpse of Merry and Pippin setting off the dragon fireworks, or Frodo hiding under the roots of a tree from the Ringwraith, or Arwen racing toward the river -- and even with my head down, the music seeps through, the sound of Frodo's voice. I don't know why, but it works -- it actually helps me concentrate on the theory, and makes me want to write fiction, and cheers me up, all at once. I adore Frodo too.

Finished with Spivak. Now note-taking. Much note-taking. But possibly a yogurt first.

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