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  1. So… the bit about war was a ways back, but I figure ya’ll are more likely to take a glance at the more recent comments and… quite frankly, I need an outlet. It’s thesis time for this undergrad, and while not so ominous as your particular project M.A, absolutely terrifying to me… so a break from cranking out “amazing poetry” to say this:


    were sending them off to war again,
    these brave sons and brothers,
    so dutifully touting their countrys crown

    but no one believes in it
    no one on the east or west coast
    and whats to say in the middle is debatable

    the people in Arkansas
    have not been given a voice
    the people of Wyoming belong to

    middle America and all of its
    backwashed stereotypes 
    those of us in California are convinced

    the KKK lives in Oklahoma
    forgetting Mariposa and its parades
    in white hoods on horse back

    the riots, the ceaseless
    objectivication of bird-boned women
    in skinny cages called movies

    and what of the Iraqi girls
    in their burkas (we assume)
    their showing ankles  fleeing

    didnt we just do this?
    30 years ago  a real clash between
    the generations of what was and what was becoming

    now parents and children join forces
    silently, whispering in their closed cubical
    about this president and his

    wrangler choices

  2. I think it’s clear that I’d be certifiably insane to take on even a tiny chapbook project right now, so it isn’t going to happen. Thanks for sharing your poem, Ericka, and anyone else out there who feels inspired, please feel free to post here.

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