Dear Jed fixed it so…

Dear Jed fixed it so that from my most recent entries page, the comments are now color-coded to indicate whether you've read them or not. I *think* it might actually even tell you if there are new comments since you last looked at that comment page. Which is pretty cool, if so. No more trying to remember how many comments there were the last time you looked!

The grilled cheese and soup were amazing, btw. My little George Foreman grill makes it remarkably easy to make a perfect grilled cheese sandwich in like, two minutes. Just enough time to heat up the soup.

Unexpected addition to today's plans -- Karen's going to IKEA, and I'm probably going to drive up and meet her there. I need a few things for the house, and some art supplies. And meatballs. And lingonberries. Especially the lingonberries. I need them, I tell you. Need.

11 thoughts on “Dear Jed fixed it so…”

  1. Alas, the color-coding doesn’t indicate whether there are new comments since last you checked, only whether you’ve ever looked at the comments page for that entry.

    It *might* be possible to put together a sort of a hack that would make the links (at least in some browsers) revert to the unvisited color if there are new comments; I’ll look into that. Interesting idea.

  2. Okay, I put the hack into place. With luck, most browsers should color-code the “n comments” link as unvisited if there are new comments there. This applies only to the main most-recent-entries page so far; can be easily applied to the other pages once we see if it works.

    Note that it won’t work for comments pages you visited before I made this change, only for comments pages you view from now on.

    And with that, I’m going to bed.

  3. Oh, sorry, one more thing: you may have to force a refresh of the list-of-entries page in the browser to get the desired behavior.

  4. Well…after your fix, my color
    coding does not work at all.
    It did before. I use Mozilla
    with Linux, if that matters.

  5. David (same as above)

    BTW, a friend who uses a text
    only browser (LYNX??) says she
    cannot access the comments at all.

  6. Did the friend who couldn’t access them try before or after the recent changes?

    A few days ago, you could get to the comments only if you had a JavaScript-capable browser; now you should be able to get to them in any browser. (But that’s a separate issue from the color-coding thing.)

    I’ll look into this more later. Thanks for letting me know!

  7. The color-coding works just fine in Opera 6.05, Mozilla 1.0, and IE 6.0 for Windows (but note that in the last two you need to reload the journal index page to see the color change). Also, the comments are now perfectly accessable in Lynx 2.8.4rel.1 for Linux, not to mention using keyboard commands in Opera; I appreciate the move away from JavaScript.

  8. Huh — I’ve never filled in an HTML form using Lynx before, but I’m doing it now and it seems to work fine. Cool. Lynx has gotten pretty sophisticated.

    Thanks for checking all those browsers, Shmuel! And yeah, in some browsers you’ll need to reload the page to see the color change — that should work in any given browser the same way it works for normal links. That is, if you normally need to reload to see link-color change, you’ll need to do so to see these links’ colors change. (I suspect Shmuel knew that, but I figured it was worth mentioning in case anyone else was wondering.) Basically, the whole color-change system should work with the comments links exactly the same way it works with other links.

    Glad you like the hack!

    I’ll follow up with David B in email.

  9. I’m ignoring all the lovely tech stuff above to note that while I didn’t pick up cloudberries (I already had some cloudberry jam half-finished at home), I did get frozen meatballs and gravy and macerated lingonberries to bring home, so that I may now indulge my passion for that combination whenever the mood strikes me. Nummy.

    M’ris, is there a form of cloudberries other than jam at IKEA that I should be trying? The cloudberry jam is tasty, but a bit sweet for me.

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