Okay, so Marissa linked…

Okay, so Marissa linked to this, and after I read a bit, I sent the link to Kevin, and after I read it a bit more, I sent it to a couple more people, but now that I'm more than halfway through I'm just going to post it here because it's just too funny. This made me laugh out loud more than anything has in quite a while. Though I think maybe you need to have been in a long-term relationship to really get the jokes. The bathtub photo is one of my favorites.

In other news, not so much other news. I was going to watch Zoe today, but Tom and Roshani woke up sick, so they're both staying home from work with the baby instead. Probably just as well -- I can read with her here, but not as much as I ought. Especially since between the conference stuff in Utah and Bryan visiting here (which was great -- after I got home on Sunday, we all went to Red Light for amazing dinner, followed by Scrabble, and yesterday evening, after a day of work, we went to Costa's for v. good dinner, followed by Boggle (Kev didn't play, but he had fun kibitzing) -- Bryan is a lot of fun to hang out with), I'm a little behind schedule, and will need to buckle down hard to catch up. Which I can do. More Iyer this morning; easy reading so far, though sometimes depressing.

It's a grey and gloomy day here, and I have to admit, my mood's been a bit mopey. I made Kevin wake up and snuggle me for a bit before I got out of bed and let him go back to sleep. Just accumulated stress, I think, bringing me down. But I'll have another cup of tea, and then in an hour or so, I'm going to make grilled cheese (gruyere, mmmm) sandwiches and tomato-basil soup. Comfort food. It's a good thing.

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