Went to the dentist this…

Went to the dentist this morning. Teeth all clean! Mouth all numb! If you called me this morning (Karen/David), please to e-mail if it was something important. If not, will probably call back a fair bit later, since can't talk so good right now.

Sorry little updating lately. Busy reading, for the most part. Did put together utility cupboard shelving from IKEA, picked up with Karen -- very satisfying to have all the paint cans, old rugs, tool chests, etc. up off the very dirty floor. Zoe and Roshani were over when I was assembling it, and Zoe had much fun climbing in and out of the "house" that I was building. :-) Also loved mini watering can (my plants are now swimming in water) and blue monster umbrella (with horns that stick out) from IKEA. Hope Jeremiah liked his ladybug? I adore having small people to buy presents for. They may not enjoy them for long (since they often either break or forget them), but they enjoy them so intensely for a little while.

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