Poor Kevin is still…

Poor Kevin is still coughing a lot; I can hear him in the bedroom, trying to catch a little more sleep, but with this massive cough that shakes his whole body. I hate not being able to do anything to make him feel better.

I'm also astonished that I don't seem to have caught his illness yet. Maybe this exercise routine really is making my body healthier and less susceptible to getting sick? It's a nice idea, at any rate.

It ought to be good for something, because oh, I'm sore today. And I don't seem to be losing any weight recently. I'm hoping it's all being turned into sleek muscle; I can actually see some arm muscles that didn't use to be there, and I think my back may be a bit more toned too. If I can't be light as thistledown, I'll settle for being a lean, mean, Buffy-style-ass-kicking machine. Especially since Buffy's going to go away forever soon. No more Buffy! Eep!

I can't be too upset about Buffy, though, because the glow from writing a story yesterday is still carrying me through. I showed it to Roshani, and she made some good points about an unsupported jump, so last night I wrote some more and now it's much closer to finished, so I sent it out to y'all for more comments. I wrote a story! And not just any story -- a story about Vivek and Raji, which means that I think I can get away with dropping "Season of Marriage" from the collection. Which is good, because even though I am still very fond of that story, it is awfully old, and just not as well-written as the recent stuff. Lacking subtlety. Somewhat purple prose. My newer stories may be too oblique for some of y'all's tastes, but I like them better, anyway. I can stand re-reading them better. :-)

I do want comments, though. Critique, praise, whatever. Because until I get some, I have no confidence in my story. None. Don't ask me why. 'Cause I'm an insecure story-writing wimp. It's almost enough to make me go back to writing pure erotica again...I got a lot more comments on the erotica than I do on the mainstream stories, even though the mainstream stories usually have some sex in them too. I'd hate to think that y'all only loved me for my sex scenes. (Though I suppose if that's true, at least you should be happy with the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books, where you should experience a surfeit of my sex scenes...)

"Chopping onions in the dark, working by feel; Vivek has done this a thousand times now, isn't likely to chop off a finger. Not to wake her, not to let her know that he is home, and hungry, let her sleep, keep her happy a little longer. Relatively happy. As happy as he knows how..."

You know how to read the rest, right? Join the readers' group! It's in the list of most-recent messages now...

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