Finished the Phillips…

Finished the Phillips collection over tea and a roast beef sandwich. (Yes, I know that's an odd breakfast. Kevin made roast beef (which my brain consistently wants to call Roast Beast) last night, and we have lots of it now, so I had some for breakfast. It makes perfect sense, if you stop and think about it.) Also pulled down all the remaining books and arranged them chronologically. And counted them. Fifteen books left to read, which is just about one every two days, which should be manageable, especially since some are actually essays, rather than books. Which is good, because some, like Derrida's Writing and Difference, might well take me more than two days. We'll see. I still also have to take notes on a lot of them, which is worrisome.

Right now, Rousseau's "On Social Contract" and "Discourse on Inequality". Followed by Freud's Civilization and its Discontents. Both short, so I'm hoping to finish them both today -- I could even theoretically start the next book, Empson's 7 Types of Ambiguity. We'll see.

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