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Congratulations to Shmuel, who got into a lovely little MFA program at Emerson College. Great news -- guess he'll now be looking for affordable housing near Boston...hmm...maybe the news isn't so good after all. :-)

In other exciting news, I'm in California. I called Delta yesterday around noon and asked them if they could fly me to California today -- they said no, but that they had a 3:15 flight on Thursday, if I wanted it. I figured that meant I had to be ready to leave in an hour -- which meant showering, dressing, and packing some books and clothes. No problem. I booked the flight.

Now, in case you're thinking that I'm totally insane, I'll note that a) I used up frequent flyer miles to do it, so it was cheap (not free, since they charge you $75 to book less then 3 days in advance of travel, and I think 3 hours in advance counts as less than 3 days, but still, quite cheap (it would have been $830 to actually buy that ticket)), and b) I had a good reason for running off to California. Don't worry -- Kevin and I are still fine. :-)

It's just Jed's birthday and David's birthday today, and I couldn't think of any other good presents to get them this year, and I had a) the frequent flyer miles, b) the time, and c) the ability to read my exam books just as well here as at home, so d) why the heck not? So here I am at David's, and tomorrow I'll go down to Jed's party, and Sunday I'll hang out with Jed, and Monday I'll fly back to Chicago, and Tuesday I'll rest and Wednesday I'll fly out to Utah for six days for the grad student conference, oof!

I love my life. :-)

And yes, I'm being good -- I read both the Rousseau and the Freud on the plane yesterday. Empson next.

Happy birthday, Jed! Happy birthday, David!

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