Hey, munchkins. So, I’m…

Hey, munchkins. So, I'm writing from the UIC campus, which is rather dreary (especially when compared to the U of C's grey gothic glory), but is a ten minute walk from my place, a big plus. The U of C also has better samosas, but I suppose I should be grateful that this place has samosas at all. We count our blessings.

So far, I've been insanely productive. Finished reading the Baldwin, read most of Jayne Anne Phillips Black Tickets, and then wrote a story! "Stomach Pains, and a Tightness in the Chest", probably less than 3000 words, and I'm not entirely sure it's finished yet, but it may be, and it's certainly finished enough to send out to y'all for comments, so when I get home, that's what I'll do. Remember, if you aren't on the readers list and want to be (getting my drafts as I write them), you just need to sign up. You can then sign off whenever you get tired of reading them. :-) Feedback is always welcome, but not required.

Any day with a new story in it is a good day. I'm going to finish up the Phillips (good stories) and then try to write up some notes, and then head home, to start reading criticism. Eep.

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  1. True, Mike, but it’s especially good finishing a story. Even if you then have to pick it up six hours later and double its length before you actually show it to anyone, and even if you’re still not sure you’ve put enough of the story down. It was perhaps the most frustrating thing about writing the CYOA books — that at the end of the day, I wasn’t actually done. I was just stopping for the night. Drove me crazy.

    I realize that I’ll have to make some adjustment to this if I ever want to be a real novelist. 🙂

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