Oof! Karen got on a…

Oof! Karen got on a roll and gave us Morgan, parts III, IV, and V, taking us straight through the adventure with Tristram (not sure if this is the same as Tristan and Iseult?) all the way to Arthur's death. I haven't even gotten Arthur out of childhood, and she's already killing him off! (And what she does with the body, I'm not sure I approve of, but I can always treat Karen's last entry as apocryphal, so there :-). Anyway, it makes me feel like I oughta get off my butt and write some more Arthur. Soon, I promise.

In the interim, back to reading Greene. I'm also expecting a call from an old friend from college, Matt Koltnow, who e-mailed me last night. Very nice to hear from him -- Matt lived on my floor and was a good friend in college. He also gave me sex tips, from the perspective of a gay man; for a long time, everything I knew about blow jobs, I learned from him. :-) Then Heather came along and taught me some new stuff...

8 thoughts on “Oof! Karen got on a…”

  1. I’m somewhat amazed to report that all that link gets you is a picture of the cover of the first Clean Sheets book, and a link for purchase of same. Apparently, none of the content in the book is available in their archives anymore.

    Somehow, I’m not seeing this as a particularly effective way of driving up sales, but the whole business thing has never been my strong point…

  2. Malory writes of Tristan and Iseult as Tristram and La Beale Isoud. I’ve been following the Malory pretty closely for my VSDs.

    Well, maybe not “closely” as such. But I’m amusing myself by often quoting or paraphrasing directly from the text, and then running with it. If Morgan’s last entry tortures you, you may imagine that he would have floated to shore… like a duck.

  3. It’s not the choice I would have made, Shmuel (I probably would’ve either left the whole article up, or at least left up substantial teaser excerpts), but perhaps it’s working for them. Finance is not my strong point.

    As for you, Ms. Karen, I’m not even going to dignify that v. disrespectful duck comment with a response. Hmph. Poor Arthur. He never gets any respect…

  4. I was *channeling*.

    It’s only logical that if King Arthur floats, he weighs the same as a duck, and is therefore made of wood.

  5. You’re welcome, Mary Anne. Hee!

    Regarding the article, yeah, I was bummed when I saw they took it down when it went in the book (I don’t remember that in the contract; probably would’ve signed it anyway if it had been, but it was a surprise that it was pulled off the site). I’m going to have to dig it out/ email Susannah to make sure it’s ok to reprint it on my site, which I’m planning to do once FPTP2 comes out in May.

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