Cased in my two little…

Cased in my two little books over my first cup of tea, and then the phone range around 8:45. I proceeded to have a wonderful two-hour conversation catching up with Matt -- he's in the Seattle area now, settled down with a nice boy (ten years!) and very happy. He's a professional bridge instructor and runs tournaments and such...sounds like a cool job. It's so nice when you talk to an old friend and they sound just like they used to; it was like being back in our dorm, the Shoreland, again, where Matt would come in and flop down on my bed and we'd just chatter about anything and everything, sometimes over tupperware containers full of curry sent over by my aunt. I'm hoping he and Jeff can come out to Chicago for a visit sometime soon; that would be just lovely.

Just ate some lunch (yes, still leftovers from Saturday, but I think I might actually finish the biryani rice and the lamb and the coconut sambol tonight. We progress, slowly. Now on my third cup of tea, and deep into The Heart of the Matter.

To be honest, I was having a little trouble reading it yesterday -- one of the protagonists is in a difficult marriage, and it brought back some memories of some of the rougher times with Kevin. I had to stop and remind myself that things have really changed for us; that it makes no sense to get stressed about stuff that stopped being true years and years ago. Funny how easy it is to slip back into old habits of anxiety.

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