Feeling oddly exhausted…

Feeling oddly exhausted -- I've been wanting to fall asleep since about 8 p.m. or so. Strange.

Not such a busy day, either. I finished reading Kindred (excellent, though at times quite hard to take, stomach-churning brutality) around lunchtime, at which point Roshani and Zoe showed up, and we first went to pick up supplies at the art store (shadow boxes! a soldering iron! copper wire! book-binding glue!) and then had nummy crepes (I had a tomato basil, followed by a lemon sugar, oh so decadent). In the afternoon, they came back here and Zoe watched The Fellowship of the Ring, which she apparently loves (a very astute two-year-old) while Roshani and I futzed with art stuff. I made the casings for two books I'll probably be selling at WisCon -- one copy of "The Poet and the Mathematician" and one copy of "the bones want to fly". I'm hoping to also put together a book of my Sri Lankan recipes; we'll see if time permits. That one will probably have to wait until after exams -- unless I desperately need a break from studying. I'll case in the two books tomorow, so photos soon.

They left around dinnertime, and I've been reading another modern exam book, Graham Greene's The Heart of the Matter. Good so far, but I've been reading very slowly, due to the aforementioned sleepiness. Nonetheless, must go back to it now. *yawn*

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