My dentist’s office just…

My dentist's office just called and told me that they had to reschedule today's 10:00 appointment, because my dental assistant (who cleans my teeth) is out sick. I feel like a little kid who had a big math test today, and who just heard on the radio that school's closed for a snowstorm. Or like a grown-up reprieved from prison. Or some other suitably surprised and relieved individual. Sorry for nice dental assistant's sickness, happy for me. Go, me! (Or perhaps Yay! would be more appropriate in this context, since I didn't actually do anything to deserve this reprieve...)

It's foggy outside today, grey mist haze obscuring the buildings, the still-bare trees, the sky. Later today I'll go to the gym, stop at the hardware store and pick up a bracket to hang a metal star candleholder in my bedroom (I've had it forever, but until my recent purchase of a studfinder, was afraid to try to hang it). I'll probably wander into the tv room periodically and admire the elephant tapestry Karen helped me hang while she was here -- our ceilings are so high that I needed her to stand on the ladder (and measure, and drill, and drive in the screws) to reach where I wanted it to go. Mary Anne short. Karen not short. I adore the tapestry, and the effect of it on the wall -- I used a metal rod designed for hanging curtains to mount it, and so it extends quite far from the wall, and looks astonishingly as if it's floating there. Very pleasing effect, and accidental. I hope Kevin likes it. If he doesn't, he'll need to take it down himself, since I can't reach. :-)

I may run up to the art store later as well -- I need more book glue to clear off a few half-finished projects for WisCon (one bound copy of the The Poet and the Mathematician, one bound copy of The Bones Want to Fly). I might buy a soldering iron and solder too -- I want to learn how to use them, and there's an art project I can't easily finish until I do. But all of that's for later. Right now, I'm going to go read Butler and drink tea. Yay!

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