It’s beautiful today –…

It's beautiful today -- sixty degrees and the sun shining. I took the train downtown this morning, to find a casserole dish for my biryani rice, and some fresh flowers for the table. I brought home orchids gloriosa and a pot of Star-of-Bethelehem...just lovely. Jed called when I was finishing putting away books on the recently-painted bookcase; I chatted with him for half an hour or so, while repotting plants, pruning and watering.

Now the window's open and I've been reading more Thackeray, drinking my second cup of tea. In a little while, I'll go to the grocery store, pick up a last few items for dinner tonight. Then come home, make the bed, cook the carrots and green beans, the cabbage mallung, the rice pilau, the spicy shrimp. And when Karen arrives, she can help me spread the cheese and chutney on crackers, arrange the little shrimps topped with sprigs of parsley, set the table with silverware and linens.

There's a very small part of brain that's saying -- "shouldn't you be spending this time studying instead?" But it's spring, and beautiful. I can't study every minute. Tonight there'll be wine and candlelight, good conversation and laughter. And I'll turn back to my studies tomorrow, invigorated, refreshed.

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  1. See, this is what I like. When I lived in Hyde Park (at 5555 Ingleside) we were in a three story brownstone. Carts would come down the alleys selling fruits and vegetables. We would be having Saturday morning coffee and warm smugness, hear the carts, trundle down the rickety back stairs (all our neighbors thumping down at the same time) and get fresh fruits and veggies right from the truck farms. See, UC memories by way of MA!

  2. I wrote that one for you. 🙂 It’s nice hearing your memories of Hyde Park, though it makes me envious too — we never had fruit and vegetable carts when I lived there! We had to trudge all the way to the little produce market next to Mr. G’s, at 53rd and Woodlawn…

  3. Oooh, that one brings bad memories! Mr.G’s is the worst market I ever had to shop at, especially bad fruits and vegetables!!

  4. The produce market was and is fine, actually — just not as cool as little carts. 🙂 Mr. G’s has actually closed — the grocery store there is now another branch of the Co-op.

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