I know the VSD style…

I know the VSD style isn't funny to everyone. It's not even all that funny to me, when I read a whole bunch in a row. It can get wearisome. So I understand why some of my friends aren't interested in reading the Camelot stuff. But y'know, even when I'm not finding a particular bit funny, I'm glad these writers I know are trying this style out. Because almost all the writers I know are weak when it comes to style (self included). And it can only help them, to flex those style muscles a bit, to try speaking in a voice that isn't their normal speaking voice. Maybe they'll try a different style for their next short story, a different voice. And maybe it won't be all that successful -- but they'll learn something in the process, and then next time they try it, they'll probably do better. That's the biggest thing that's pleasing me about the Camelot VSD's.

Well, that, plus all the funny bits...

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  1. One of the things _I’m_ getting a kick out of is seeing what I call the stadium beach-ball effect – the later entries happily bouncing with references tossed up in the earlier ones (or in the FOTR VSDs). Now I’m going to have to think twice before making any reference to “polishing” in my journal, although, come to think of it (so to speak), it would probably be most appropriate to speak of revising erotic writing that way from now on. 😉

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