Fabulous dinner Saturday…

Fabulous dinner Saturday night. Picture l. to r. are Jeremy (of IPA), David (who I knew in college), Angeli (local writer), Karen, and in the bottom left corner is Jenn (Clarionite and local writer). Also present were Beth (David's partner, again, who I knew in college), Roshani (who brought the ice cream and strawberries and cookies that Karen is eating there), Tom, Zoe, and Derek (local sf writer). Excellent group, fun time, stayed up 'til 2.

Saturday I finished the Thackeray (v. good) while Karen wrote and read. In the evening I abandoned my house guest and went to the IPA mixer; interesting crowd, more political than I'd expected. Will probably go to at least a few more events if they get the Chicago chapter going. Afterwards came home and talked to Karen some more; we stayed up 'til 2. Good conversation. Bad for sleep patterns.

Staggered out of bed around 10-ish today, and took Karen to the Art Institute. I became a member; I hope to go more often. The Indian section made me think more about the Saraswati novel; the modern art section made me think about building shadow boxes (Cornell was the name of the artist with the fabulous shadow boxes there, I think). Inspiring. We were lost in a art fugue for several hours; completely lost track of time. Eventually, we wended our way home, watched a little tv and had dinner (I'll be eating leftovers for several more days, I think) -- then Karen left me (loaded down with many books I pressed on her), heading off to IKEA and then home to her husband and son. Happy for her, sad for me. So it goes.

Now I'm reading Butler's Kindred, which I managed to finagle onto my exam list somehow. I'm not actually quite done with the historical part of my list, but I needed a break after the Thackeray -- something quick and modern. Good so far. Expecting to continue good; Karen's recommended it. Best go back to it now.

More VSD updates soon, I promise, and responses to comments. I appear to be incapable of dealing with net stuff with guests around; not sure why.

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