14032. Definitely short…

14032. Definitely short today -- only about 1900 words. So I need to do at least 3000 tomorrow. Is okay, though -- I needed the break. I read Terry Pratchett's new novel, Night Watch, which was delightful, plus half of Nina Kiriki Hoffman's new book. (Both in hardcover, both at Borders.) I plan to go back either tomorrow or Monday and finish the Hoffman, which is much fun.

I'm not worried about the amount of words I cranked out, because I did work a fair bit today; I spent a bunch of time revising, and I think I have a much better handle on my protagonist's voice now. He was kind of coming across as a single-minded jerk before; I think he's more appealing now, and more multi-dimensional. There'll be more work to do in that regard, but at least I think I'm headed in the right direction. That's a big relief.

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