8. Nathan looked at…


Nathan looked at Stephan. Stephan looked at Nathan. It doesn't really matter which one said what they were both thinking. "You want the mathematician. He knows the most truths, for certain. The biggest truths, the deepest truths. Not an easy journey, though. Uphill, all the way, until you can't go any further. That's where you'll find him. Better hurry -- he's learning new truths all the time, and if you don't get there soon, you might not be able to catch up."

The poet thanked them politely, picked up her bag, and then headed uphill. Not along the left road, not along the right road, not back downhill behind her, to where the road made its slow way to the gentle sea. Up, up, uphill. She didn't look back. If she had, the poet might have seen a very strange sight, one that few have ever seen. A sight perhaps worth a poem in itself.

The crows were laughing, silently.

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