I woke up oh, so…

I woke up oh, so exceedingly grouchy. Bad dreams, Kevin sleeping badly and waking me up periodically, etc. No real reason. I got dressed, made some tea, read fifty pages or so of Cervantes -- and then fell asleep in one of our living room chairs. I slept for about half an hour, and while I can't say that I'm entirely chipper yet, I do feel better.

I'm feeling restless; I think I'm going to pack up the computer and head out. I may do some Christmas shopping downtown; Marshall Field's is having a sale. I also need brown tights. Yes, my life is exciting. After that, I think Borders for the day -- I'll work as much as I can, and when I can't stand working anymore, then I'll read something fun. Just thinking about doing all this is making me feel better, so that's something, right? Sometimes you just need to get your body moving, get the blood flowing. I could wish it weren't so brutally cold outside, though. I won't need to be in the cold itself for long, but those five minutes waiting for the train are just no fun, despite coat and hat and gloves and scarf. Chicago winter, bah, humbug.

(Despite my complaints, I've been pleased to note that winter isn't affecting nearly as badly as it used to back in college. The thyroid medicine really does make a difference to how much I feel the cold. Huzzah for the wonders of modern medicine!)

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