Morning, munchkins. So,…

Morning, munchkins. So, I'm finally finishing up the second draft of Kathryn. Dealt with the last few logic problems and confusing paths; I *think* it's pretty clean at this point. They're giving me some more space, but they told me how much in terms of pages, which is pretty useless to me, since I don't know what that translates to in word count. But I figure it's reasonably safe to add a bit right now -- so I'm going to go ahead and do so, expanding 2-3 scenes that feel overly summary-like to me right now. Then I'll send it back to them (and out to y'all) for line edits. That's the point at which I'll expect to hear comments about sections that are slow and need cutting to make the pacing work better. If there are more comments along those lines than comments about sections that need expansion, then I think the word count will work out okay in the long run. :-)

Roshani's not feeling well and is wanting company while she studies, so I'm going to try to push through and finish these in the next hour, so I can e-mail them out. Then I'll pack up the computer and some exam reading and head out to her neighborhood; there's a nice Borders there, and we can get some solid work in there, hopefully.

I like being productive. It makes me happy. Especially after being such a slug yesterday; I basically slept, played computer games, re-read old Mercedes Lackey novels, and watched tv. All the damn day. It's like eating a big bowl of whipped cream -- tasty, but a bit sickening in the end.

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