Dinner party most…

Dinner party most excellent. Good food, great conversation, fun crowd, up 'til 2. Oh, so many dishes today. The dishwasher is on its third load of the day now (plus we did one last night) and there's still at least one more load of plates and stuff, *plus* several pots. Oof. It was worth it, but I think I'm going to have to ditch my vague thoughts of a winter holiday shindig too -- just can't afford the time, what with the cleaning and the cooking and the partying and the cleaning again. :-)

Hard concentrating today. Finishing up the Byatt, watching a bunch of dumb tv, trying to motivate to do some real work. Not sure it'll happen -- if it does, I need to choose between a) doing the final second draft revisions on Kathryn (highest priority), b) outlining the other project, c) thinking more about characterization on other project, d) reading another exam list book. We'll see.

Right now, more tea.

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