Finished draft around…

Finished draft around 1:30. Went out to Roshani's, picked her up, went to Borders. Started exam list book, Kobo Abe's The Woman in the Dunes. Just excellent, and made me think about nationalism, socialism, individuals and society and duty and finding happiness and even what constitutes love and freedom. All in a very small, very strange, and very entertaining book. Yay! Took two hours to goof around with Roshani, Xmas shopping and such. Finished book over dinner alone at Italian place, then went back to Borders and started outlining other project. Worked 'til 9-ish, came home, checked e-mail and newsgroups and somehow it's 10:30 and I'm tired!

Editors would like an outline and 25 pages (10,000 words, in this case) of new project by Wednesday, pretty please -- I think they're just flat out nuts, but will try, because I'm an obedient little author. I'm figuring, finish outline tomorrow morning, think more about characters, start writing. Do most of writing Wednesday morning. Oof.

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