Feeling groggy and…

Feeling groggy and dissatified. I know exactly why, too. There are two reasons:

  1. Our bedroom is too warm. I don't know what to do about it either. It doesn't have a window to the outdoors -- if we leave the door open, a fair bit of ambient light comes in. If we don't leave the door open, it ends up a good ten degrees warmer than the rest of the apartment, even with the ceiling fan going. And stuffy. There is, interestingly enough, a cut-out window above the door, one designed to bring more light into the room. It's currently filled with clear plastic or some such (not sure what, since it's very high). We could knock that stuff out, but we're actually planning on putting in a window covering of some sort over it, to block the light that's coming in. I suppose, in theory, we could put in curtains *and* take out the clear plastic, which might let in some air while blocking the light. Seems like a lot of bother, though, for something that might not work. I dunno.

  2. I watched too much tv yesterday. The day started out reasonably productive -- I worked for several hours before taking a break to watch Gosford Park (much fun, and it was interesting listening afterward to Altman talk about why he cut various scenes -- it's all about "is this necessary?" "isn't this redundant?"). That's all fine. Made curry for dinner, ate it. That's all fine. But then I thought -- okay, I'll turn some tv on while I put away the pile of clothing left over from unpacking. Also fine...but then Kevin wandered in, around...umm..8? And the tv just stayed on until I went to bed at 11:30. Mostly with stuff I wasn't all that interested in, and yet I stayed in the room watching it. It made me mildly grumpy going to bed, and grumpier this morning, getting up and feeling like I missed out on three hours of reading last night. I could've finished Light and started something else. I was doing a lot of this kind of tv-watching before I left for California, and I think it makes me cranky. I need to not do it. Movies are fine, new episodes of Enterprise or Buffy or even Charmed are fine. But all these dumb re-runs, and all these shows I don't much like...no, just no. Even if it is pleasant curling up with Kevin during them.

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