It’s just a gorgeous…

It's just a gorgeous morning here in Chicago -- crisp and clear and brightly sunny. I'm going to work indoors for a while, but I might go out this afternoon to catch a movie with Shannon (Liars' Club). Going out sounds good.

I got up around 9-ish, checked mail, and have been mostly reading since. Reading M. John Harrison's Light, which is a bit surreal but enjoyable so far. It's one of the Tiptree contenders -- I've been a bit hesitant about mentioning that, but after discussing it with Jed last night, I realized that it doesn't really tell you much of anything to say that. It just means that someone submitted the text for consideration, so we're considering it. I do feel like I can't comment much on the Tiptree books I'm reading this year -- not until after the judging's over, at any rate. So if you're wondering why I'm being so uncharacteristically close-mouthed about a lot of books this year, that's why. Just wait 'til I get back into my exam list reading; there should be plenty of commentary there!

I did take a break to do some net stuff. Rearranged my art page to record the sales from WorldCon. Regretted not having photos of three of the pieces sold -- I knew I'd regret it at the time, but I just didn't get to taking the photos. Oh well. If the person who purchased "On the Uselessness of Time Travel" happens to be reading this and wants to send me a digital pic of the collage, I'd be forever grateful. Ditto for "Readings in a Lost November", and the second version of "Oak Arching Above You." (I feel a bit odd about repeating a poem -- but not odd enough to not cash the check. :-) While in the midst of such art stuff, I e-mailed in my art subs to the World Fantasy jury (if you're thinking of submitting work there, the deadline is imminent -- you have to file their forms by September 30). Zak, Heather -- this is especially a reminder to you two, though I'm not sure if either of you were planning on submitting stuff. I'm curious whether they'll take my things; I've never submitted to a juried art show before. I'm a little nervous.

Only other item of interest this morning was scrubbing the kitchen sink. Okay, maybe not interesting, but deeply satisfying, in a perverse kind of way. The counters and stovetop are next. Then sweeping the kitchen floor, and that room is officially clean. (I finished the dining room yesterday.) Yay, clean!

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