Neil Gaiman makes me…

Neil Gaiman makes me giggle. I don't usually read his weblog, but he linked to us recently, so I followed the link back, and caught a bit about his new fax machine: "Today brought the new one: it looks intelligent, as if it could hold its own in a conversation with an iMac..."

Totally charming.

It's been grey today, grey enough that I've turned on a bunch of lights to brighten the apartment. I didn't mind so much in the morning, when it was actually thunderstorming. We turned off the AC and opened a window and I took my laptop over to the couch under the window and settled in for a nice long read. The rainy breeze blew in occasionally, which made me happy, but somehow none of the actual raindrops made it inside, which made my iBook happy.

I just remembered a delightful moment on the plane coming home -- I was working on my iBook, reading fairly hard-core gay smut actually, for this eBook thingie. I had my headphones on, and was pretty tuned out to the world. I looked up to find a flight attendant trying to get my attention, and I admit to a moment of sheer panic. Was there some kid behind me reading over my shoulder? She had a cart with her, and I realized as I pulled off my headphones that she was probably just collecting the remnants of our lunch. But once I had the headphones off, I could hear what she was actually saying, and it *was* about my computer -- "Don't you just LOVE your iBook? I just got one, and I love it!" And I smiled and nodded as I put my headphones back on and went back to reading my smut. We all love our iBooks, lady -- just don't ask me what I'm doing with mine...

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