Dan P. helped me figure…

Dan P. helped me figure out that in fact, the file was some copyright-protected thingie and he'd have to take a gazillion screen shots to let me read it. No way. So the awards administrator is going to contact the publisher and see if they can get me a text or HTML file. It's out of my hands now -- we'll see what happens. I'm otherwise pretty close to done with that project -- I'm about halfway through the third of the romance titles and I could stop now if I wanted; it's clearly much better than the other two. But what the heck, I'll finish reading it, just for my feelings of completing the job as signed up for.

Nothing else to report. None of our rooms are actually clean yet, but they're all much cleaner. :-) I've been wandering around in between reading binges, cleaning bits here and there. Pruning the herbs. Unloading the dishwasher.

I've also sent gobs of Wet postcards off to various authors in the collection. Melcher sent me just masses of them -- heck, if any of you would like a handful of postcards to distribute at your favorite cafes and bookstores, let me know, and I'll send you some. I got rid of a fair number at WorldCon, and World Fantasy and WindyCon are still coming this fall, but I still think I have way more than I can feasibly get rid of, especially since they're a little too explicit to just leave on a con table somewhere, where the kiddies might see 'em.

Also sent some t-shirts and mugs to SH workshop participants who requested them. I love it that people want to wear our t-shirts and use our mugs. It gives me a pleasant sense that our little empire is growing -- that we really are taking over the world (very quietly). It satisfies the king in me. :-)

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