I’m in Connecticut, by…

I'm in Connecticut, by the way. Not sure I've been so clear on my travel plans. I flew in yesterday afternoon, and was picked up at Newark by my baby sister and a young cousin. Had a wonderful long catching-up conversation in the car on the way back. She's just gotten back from several weeks in Europe (which she saved up the money for during college, showing far better financial planning skills than I possess. :-) It sounds like it was an amazing trip.

Last night, we picked up my other sister and we went to see Signs, the new M. Night Shymalan movie. Really good -- held together a lot better than Unbreakable (though it didn't have as much depth, I think). The theme was a bit heavy-handed, and I pretty much predicted the last fifteen minutes of the movie, but nonetheless, well worth going to. Much clever writing, good dialogue, and amazingly tense and scary. *Not* gory -- it was all about the suspense. We were kind of shaking as we came out, though, and my middle sister screamed out loud twice during the movie, at very startling bits.

The young cousin (who was just old enough to go to this PG-13 movie) ended up so scared that she a) insisted on sleeping with me and b) kept me up 'til 4:30 freaking out. I kept telling her to go to sleep, and she kept trying, but kept getting so scared that she had to wake me again and tell me. Every fifteen minutes or so. Oof! We eventually got up, turned on some lights, got her some food ('cause she had skipped dinner, having feasted on nachos during the movie), and then I sent her to sleep in my parents' room. She apparently slept like a log once there. Kids!

So I slept 'til almost eleven, then hung out with my sister for a few hours until she sadly had to leave to help drive a friend across country. Then settled down to work on SH NJ workshop manuscripts. Good stuff! Worked 'til sixish, then goofed off some, then ran out (in my mom's car) and picked up groceries for the workshop. I'm going to make curry for dinner one night, and I figured it'd be easiest to cook it here on Tuesday, freeze it, and then just take it there and reheat Saturday night. I swear, curry gets even tastier when you do that. Just sitting and blending and getting more intense. I'm not sure Kevin believes me -- he's been thoroughly indoctrinated by the "everything-absolutely-peak-of-freshness" people. Which is fine for a spring salad, but just not so relevant to potato curry.

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