So, a big sale…

So, a big sale announcement, couched in vague terms. It looks like this book project that I've been discussing with Melcher (the one I was doing a proposal for) has sold to a publisher! Which means that I now need to write the book. Which means that they pay me a nice chunk of money (no royalties, alas) to do so. Which means that this is going to be a very busy fall, since they want it by December, to come out next summer. Eep! I can't complain too much; if I work this right, I might actually clear the worst of my debts by Christmas, which would be just a tremendous relief. I can't tell you.

This should also be a fun book to write. I need to talk to Melcher and find out how much more I can tell you -- not sure. But for those of you who have already seen "Kathryn in the City" (strictly a working title) -- well, this is it. Woohoo! And thanks again to those who gave me early critique on the proposal.

Upcoming schedule:

  • until 8/14 - SH NJ workshop
  • last two weeks in August -- prep for WorldCon, mostly making art; read more exam list books
  • Labor Day weekend -- WorldCon in San Jose
  • following three weeks -- in Bay Area, reading for exam list, writing new book, prepping for Oregon workshop.
  • mid-September -- Oregon workshop
  • end of September - late October -- reading for exam list, writing new book
  • early November -- World Fantasy Con in Minneapolis (make art for it?)
  • rest of November -- finish book
  • December -- hopefully be done with book, back to exam list
And of course, reading Tiptree books all through there -- more and more as the year goes on. Oof!

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