Well, so I was up ’til…

Well, so I was up 'til 4-ish, and then a telemarketer woke me at 9, so I'm a bit groggy today. I puttered about with art stuff for a bit this morning, playing with stained glass paints until I woke up properly. Then dealt with some e-mail (more waiting) and started reading Wives and Daughters, from my exam list. I had thought I would go chronologically, but I just can't face big Indian epics like The Ramayana when I'm this sleepy. A nice Victorian novel is much more the thing. Even better would be reading some of my presents -- yesterday I got two Nesbit books (completing my collection!) and Jonathan Carroll's Bones of the Moon from a journal reader (I think?) named Pam -- entirely unexpected and delightful. I did sneak in a little bit of the Nesbit before I settled down to the assigned reading...it will serve as solace, I'm sure.

Want to sleep. But I know I'll just feel sick later if I nap. So more tea, and more Gaskell. Better turn up the AC too -- the heat is making me even sleepier.

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