I can’t sleep, so I’m…

I can't sleep, so I'm up, puttering on the computer. I tried watching tv, but eventually just got too bored with it...and restless. Kev's up too, but he's immersed in his go books at the moment; he's competing in a tournament this coming week, so he's been spending a lot of time futzing with his go books and board. It's cute. Not sure he could really entertain me much right now anyway -- I'm in a weird, frustrated mood. Want to be sleeping!

In the interim, I thought I'd finally get around to putting up those photos of the little books I made just before WisCon. There's a whole bunch of them...

This one's just a blank book, but I like the shimmery cover paper, the translucent interior pages, the decoration of shimmery ribbon and pale green stones. I think I'm going to make some more blank books for WorldCon -- they're really fast to make, and fun. Don't know if anyone will want to buy them, though -- guess we'll just have to wait and see.

This is basically just a copy of "Minal in Winter", bound in sari fabric and with a peacock feather bookmark. Pretty simple, but I like it -- maybe 'cause it's still one of my favorite stories.

A copy of "Season of Marriage", bound in Japanese book cloth in a really lovely satiny white print; I bound into the book a bookmark made of a chain with a filigree heart, of real gold. I'm hoping that someone will buy it as a wedding present; I think it'd make a beautiful gift (for someone slightly open-minded, since there *is* a sex scene in the story :-).

I was really pleased with how this came out. More sari fabric, but I figured out how to embed a piece of jewelry into the cover. Pretty! This is "the bones want to fly", a collection of love poetry I've written. Mostly happy, a few melancholy. This is the only book I managed to sell at WisCon -- it isn't a big art selling convention. I was especially happy that it went to Elise Mattheson; I think she'll appreciate the couple of poly poems in there. :-)

A simpler edition of "the bones want to fly", bound in blue sari fabric.

And another edition, this one done with handmade paper cover and a Japanese binding style. Not really my style, though it was interesting to try. I might make some more like it -- we'll see. I gave this copy away to Kirsten when she was just visiting; she liked it more than I did.

Finally, this one was probably the most work -- it's an edition of "The Fallen Star", the children's story I wrote for my cousins last Christmas. In the story, nineteen cousins have to create a fabulous quilt in order to patch up the hole made when a star fell through the glass roof of their house. For this book, I quilted a cover out of pieces of sari fabric (with kind advice from Karen), and braided silk embroidery threads into a bookmark, bound into the book, with a tiny silver sparkling star at the end. I had a lot of fun making this one, and it just pleases me that it's so intricately bound up with the actual story it tells.

If you're interested in buying any of these, drop me a line. They range from $15 (for the blank book) to $75 (for the wedding book (a bit high, I know, but the gold heart was expensive!). Most of them are around $30ish... I'll probably make a bunch more for WorldCon, since they travel well. It's a lot easier than lugging doubled panes of glass like my other artwork. Though there'll be some of that too -- I have two panels and two table spaces reserved in the art show, and I need to make enough art to fill all that. I'd better get working!

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