I just woke up. Like,…

I just woke up. Like, half an hour ago. This is very strange.

It's true that I was very short on sleep yesterday, and that I didn't get to bed last night until past midnight, but still...twelve hours in a row is more than I usually do unless I'm sick. Which I don't think I am (surprisingly enough).

Yesterday was pretty stressful, though. Specifically, last night, when I went out to a couple dealerships and test-drove cars. 'Cause...well, 'cause I might be getting a car. Which is a good thing in theory, but in practice, I still get really tense when I first start driving a car, and when you add into the the stress of the whole car-buying situation...well, it was just icky. I actually worked myself into enough of a state that when Kev tried to show me some other options on-line that he thought I might want to consider, I got weepy and panicky. Poor Kevin -- I'm harder to cope with than most people realize, I think. But I'm mostly done with it, I think -- I'm probably getting a Honda Civic. It'll be the first car I've ever owned. It still doesn't feel all that real. I'm not sure I'm going to believe in it until I'm actually parking it near my apartment and bringing the keys upstairs and dropping them on the little hallway table. We'll see.

Today, more work (Gaskell, probably) 'til dinnertime, then some Civ with Todd, I think. Going to be a short work day, which wasn't really my original plan for today, but so it goes. When the body wants to sleep, who am I to argue with it?

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