I’m really not sure what…

I'm really not sure what I did yesterday. I mean, I made a skirt, but that can't possibly have taken the whole day. Although it appears to have. Very odd.

Actually, I had a nice afternoon chatting with Roshani and Ilana (not sure of spelling, Kevin's colleague's girlfriend), who were both over (supposedly) studying here. So nice. It reminded me what I really missed while in Utah; people who casually stopped by and hung out. I had that in California and in Chicago before -- not so much in Philly either, though a bit, with Kev's math friends. It's a dynamic I enjoy, a familial sort of thing. I'm just a people person, I guess.

It's actually interesting and a bit tricky navigating that with Kevin; he's much more solitary -- he's still adjusting to having me around all the time, and when I add in having random people drop by, it's a bit much for him. But so far, so good. We're developing protocols, for things like him letting me know that he'd rather my guest left, without making it obvious to the guest. :-) Not a big deal once I figure out that's what he want, since Artopolis is right around the corner, and I'm perfectly happy sitting and chatting there over a cup of tea and a decadent dessert. They have the best desserts there...delectable eclairs and fruit creams and lemon tarts and dense chocolate creations, plus baklava, of course, since this is Greektown. Dangerous.

To counteract all the desserts (which honestly, I've mostly been good about avoiding -- still losing weight, though it's gotten very slow), I'm going to try to exercsie today. Hopefully in a fun way; I'm going to take a jazz dance class at the Lou Conte studio (affiliated with the Hubbard Street dance company). Hopefully it'll go well. It's a beginner class, but they actually have two levels below beginner (basic, and beginner-slow). If I can't keep up, I'll drop down a level or two, but I *have* done this before, so I shouldn't get too muddled. I'm just hoping the room isn't full of skinny people. Is that too much to ask?

I just noticed that it's raining hard outside -- startled me, since it was hot and sunny when I was outside half an hour ago. Came home and turned the air-conditioning on. I just opened a window, but closed it again -- it may be raining, but it's still thick and hot out. Sort of like being in a steam room at the gym. Weird. Weather is just strange, I think.

I'd kind of like to sew some more, but my e-mail stack is truly frightening. Maybe I'll try to get through ten messages or so, and if that goes well, I can take a break and at least cut the pattern for the next thing I want to try making. You may be wondering where all this sewing is coming from -- there's a fabric store down the street, and I just want to see if I can make some stuff that I like. I'm actually wearing the skirt I made yesterday right now; it's sort of a light taupe color, slightly flared with side slits and a drawstring waist. There's got to be an easier way of making drawstrings -- it took Kevin and me (mostly Kev) forever last night trying to turn the thing right side out. I think next time I try this pattern, it'll be a ribbon or cord drawstring for me! :-) Still, very satisfying, and the cotton drapes nicely. It's a bit of an intermediate size; I think I might like it better if it were either narrower or more full. But not bad for the first clothing I've made in quite a while!

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