Good morning, my dears. …

Good morning, my dears. I'm in an excessively good mood today, having actually rested for much of yesterday (the only work I did was some laundry). Karen hung out until lunchtime; we ate at Artopolis around 2, and then she headed back (after borrowing lots and lots of books, which gave me great satisfaction). During the rest of the day I watched some tv and read a little. Tried to get into Ken MacLeod's Cosmonaut Keep, with no success. Don't know why, but after at least fifty pages, I just didn't care about any of the characters at all. I know it must have something to love, since it got a Hugo nomination, but it's not for me, I'm afraid. Roshani really likes another of his books, The Cassini Division, so maybe I can pass this one on to her. I had much more luck with Calvino's Cosmicomics, little fabulous creation stories. Enjoying them muchly so far. He's delightful.

All of that put me in a good mood for this morning. I made some tea, and settled into my rocking chair with my laptop. Before you could blink, I'd churned out 1400 new words on the fantasy novel, bringing the total to around 6800. It's now close to as long as my longest story; one or two more chunks like this and I think we'll be officially out of my short story territory, going somewhere new and strange. Very exciting. And I'm actually enjoying it too -- I've given myself permission to not try to be too literary or deep; I'm sure some of that will creep in, but mostly I want to try to tell a good story, of the kind I loved growing up. A Susan Cooper/Anne McCaffrey/Diane Duane sort of story. With lots of fun details. The protagonists are loosely based on me and my best friend from high school right now -- it'll be interesting to see if that continues. (It's actually closer to me as I am now than it is to the me of high school; the me of high school had no work ethic, and my protagonist has too much of one...or the wrong sort, at any rate.)

I sort of want to write more, but I haven't really figured out what happens next. I suppose I should go do that. Talk to you later!

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