It’s thunderstorming out…

It's thunderstorming out -- how gorgeous! The sky is a uniform light grey, and the rain is coming down hard, obscuring vision. I hope it's still going when I go out to dance class -- I want to walk in it, to get wet. Fingers crossed. *CRASH!!!* That's happening every few minutes; a lovely punctuation to my typing.

I did get through a fair bit of e-mail, but there is oh, so much more to do. Plans are afoot for the two workshops -- more on that very soon. Also trying to make travel plans for the next few months. I don't think there's any way to avoid my flying first to California (for Arthur's wedding), then to the East Coast (for ReaderCon), then back to the East Coast a month later for the New Jersey workshop, then back to California for WorldCon and the Portland workshop. Sheesh! Seems inefficient, but I don't really want to sit on the East Coast for a month (including my birthday and all) in between those two trips. Oh well.

Spent an hour or so talking to my mother while cleaning this afternoon. No matter how cautious I try to be about my future plans, she keeps jumping to the conclusion that it's all fixed, all arranged. I have to keep reiterating over and over that no, we really don't know yet if this is going to work. Frustrating, especially since I'd like to jump to that conclusion too. Is it worse to assume that and then discover I was wrong, or to be cautious and noncommital until it's all clear? If it doesn't go well, it'll be sad either way, I think. Most people seem to think I should just stop fretting so much and try to just enjoy myself, be happy. Most of the time, I can do that, but every once in a while, I go into major fret-mode, where I want it all solved and clear, immediately. If I get to redesign life someday, maybe I'll make things go that way more often...

Fingers hurting. Not sure why, but must go rest them.

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