Dealt with most of the…

Dealt with most of the e-mail, the most urgent stuff, at any rate. Gosh, it gets confusing when I'm not around to be authoritative. I like hierarchy, I do.

Had trouble motivating for a while; did a little more unpacking. My cookbooks are out, yay! But finally buckled down enough to finish Bleiler revision (whew!) and write substantial intro to Due article. Now waiting for people to get back to me with comments as to whether it looks okay before progressing further. I think I'm going to just put it all aside for the rest of the day; my fingers are starting to hurt, and if I get up early and power through, I should be able to finish it by lunchtime tomorrow.

This evening, we're going to go have Ethiopian food with Heather J. and a friend of hers; after that, Attack of the Clones! Heh. We have very low expectations. :-) Should be fun.

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