Caught up on SH art…

Caught up on SH art stuff, finally. Took longer than expected, mostly 'cause I paused halfway through to do huge pile of dishes and clear kitchen. I don't know why I find it so much easier to work in a clean space; I think it must be that when it's not clean, there's a part of my brain saying, "Clean it, clean it, clean it" and that's distracting when you're trying to work. I wish I could turn off parts of my brain. Just temporarily. That would be useful for all sorts of things...

Not useful enough for me to actually spend time on meditation and such, of course. Or possibly useful enough, but the results are vague and dubious enough that the odds are I'll never get around to trying that kind of discipline. Will just have to settle for using headphones and music to drown out the parts I don't currently need. :-)

Now I'm torn, because there's a bunch of SH e-mail that I should quickly run through, making command decisions and such. My poor staff have been waiting a while on various of them. But at the same time, there's that damned article. (It's obviously a SH day, which is fine, and I must reiterate that I am ever-so-grateful to Susan for taking over the checks and contracts, or I would be having even more trouble sleeping than I currently am -- she's fabulous!) I think I'm going to get up from the computer for a bit, carry some pictures here and there (I had a lot of art in my old apartment...probably more than even I want here, since this place has a nice sort of bare aesthetic. And Kevin doesn't really like most of my art, I think. So one of his jobs for today is to go through the big stack of art and framed photos and such, and sort them into three piles: art he likes and wants hung, art he can deal with me hanging up, and art he'd really rather I didn't hang. We'll go from there. :-) When I'm done with that, maybe I'll know what to work on next. I also have to dig the Due books out from one of the book boxes -- luckily, they're all beautifully labelled, so it's just a matter of finding the right box.

We progress, if slowly.

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