Chaos all around me. …

Chaos all around me. I'm having trouble sleeping, I think because of the too-many-things-to-do issue. Right now the main priorities are finishing up SH art stuff (which I'm going to do next, and will hopefully be done with by noon), drafting the details of this workshop thingie (I know that's really vague, sorry), which I'm waiting on Alex to call me back before I can do, so hopefully today but not necessarily, dealing with all the Tananarive Due stuff, which is a solid afternoon's work, and hopefully I'll do it this afternoon, instead of putting it off like a lazy goombah, esp. considering it's absolutely due Sunday, and Fred's going to kill me if I put it off that long, and rightfully so, and then of course more unpacking and making art stuff for WisCon, which should all wait until the rest is done done done, but is much more appealing, unfortunately. I appear to have misplaced my discipline. Not sure where it went.

I'd love to chat more, but it's yet another procrastination technique, so instead I'm cracking the whip and sending myself off to work some more. Later, perhaps, if I'm productive.

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