Working on that paper;…

Working on that paper; almost done, I think. Well, almost done with a draft. I suspect it could use a fair bit of tightening and such. We'll see what can be done by tomorrow night. I figure I'll finish the draft and then send it along to Fred and see if he has any thoughts for revision.

Once Kevin wakes up, need to go buy groceries (I need to figure out soon what grocery store I can easily get to without a car; in theory I can drive Kev's car while he's out of the country, but in practice it's stick-shift, and I just don't think I'm likely to be so ready to cope with that). Not sure what else we'll do today; there's some possibility of bookshelf buying. We've given up on the bookshelves I brought with me; they were pretty damaged in transit, and just generally flimsy to begin with. So, new bookshelves are in order. Either today or tomorrow, I think. If I remember right, there's an art store next to the place where we'd buy bookshelves; that's good, because I think I still need a few supplies before I dive into finishing the various projects for WisCon. Once this article is done, that's basically what I have to do for the next few days -- make art, and art, and more art! :-) Can't wait. I picked up a couple books on making books a few days ago, and I have all sorts of ideas I want to try out. Won't have time to do them all before the con, of course, but at least a few, hopefully. I still need to create book blocks for two of the casings I've made. I think one will be "Season of Marriage", and the other will be a set of love poems I've written, both sad and happy. Intense, I think is the feel that book should have. I also need to finish hand-writing one of the books. Soon, soon. I'll have photos up when I finish them all.

I also had an idea for a completely different project, involving twisted wire and crystal beads and ribbons. Possibly with a tea-light holder nestled in the heart of it. A candle-poem-tree. Not sure if there'll be time to attempt it before the con, but it's very tempting. We'll see...I need to have something new for next year, after all, so perhaps I'll save it. :-) Last year was the layered glass; this year it's handmade books. I'm not the most consistent artist in the world, but that's okay, I think.

Had a nice time last night, btw. Pleasant to have Ethiopian food again (although they didn't have tej! sadness!), and Heather and Tom were good company for the movie. Tom turns out to be a big geek; he was seeing it for the second time, having waiting in line for six hours to see it previously. Heh. I like geeks. It was kind of slow for a while, and the teen romance angst was painful (as, I think, it was supposed to be, but even so), but partway through it picked up, and I really quite enjoyed the second half. It's fun seeing these little windows into Star Wars history, and watching all the characters turn into themselves. And Yoda had a great scene toward the end that's worth sitting through the movie for by itself. Sadly, they didn't get rid of Jar-Jar, though. Ah well...

Back to my paper, munchkins. Hope you're having a nice goofing-off Saturday.

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