Morning, munchkins. …

Morning, munchkins. It's snowing here again -- every day for the last several, it's snowed in the morning and then been sunny and pleasant in the late afternoon. The flowers must be so confused. *I'm* so confused.

I think I packed a little too much yesterday; I got really tired and cranky and depressed about this move. Just feeling bleak and like it didn't seem all that likely to work out. It hits me that way sometimes. But Roshani called around 10-ish because Tom was playing computer games and she had been up studying until 1 the three nights previous and so couldn't sleep. So we talked about food for a while. Paul and Marcia and Carol are coming to dinner tonight; I think we're doing Italian. Carol's bringing a green salad; I'm going to make a tomato-mozzarella-basil starter, some foccacia, and a spinach-parmesan quiche. Simple stuff, but yummy, and somehow what I feel like. I don't care if it's snowing -- I want it to be spring, dammit. I'm going to go right from winter into Chicago summer if this keeps up, and I'm not happy about that. Spring is my favorite season, and I just don't get enough of it. (The Bay Area is like having six months of spring...or maybe nine...)

After Roshani called, Karina called, and we had a nice long rant at each other about boys and their respective flaws. Felt much better by the end of it. :-)

I think this morning more Milton (I need to have it read by Tuesday), a little packing, and a run to the grocery store. I have a reading group from 2-4, and I was sort of hoping I could start the bread beforehand, but I just don't think the timing's going to work so well on that. So I suppose I'll start it when I get back, which at least has the advantage that it'll be really warm and fresh for dinner. I like making focaccia, and I haven't baked bread in forever. (Yes, the kitchen will be the last thing to be fully packed. :-) There might even be some left when Jed arrives -- he's coming into town on Thursday. Or I could just make more for him. :-)

In theory, there should be some exercise in there somewhere. Yeah, we'll see. I am such a lazy bum. But Roshani's promised to exercise with me when I get to Chicago, so maybe that'll work as motivation.

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