G’morning munchkins. …

G'morning munchkins. And it *is* a good morning -- sunny and bright for the first time in a week. Makes me happy...

Had a nice dinner with Paul and Marcia and Carol last night; mostly just eating and chatting. Got rid of some more books and plants and things. Progress continues to be made -- the dining room is completely done; the living room is mostly done and the sunroom is half-done. The art stuff and computer stuff I want to leave for a bit, since I'll be using the computer things 'til the end, and I still have a few more pieces to make for WisCon. Which I should get moving on!

First thing I need to do this morning is go through John M. Ford's books and find some more questions to ask him. The interview's going a bit slowly -- not sure why I'm so unmotivated to do it. But it'll get done. Also reading more of Paradise Lost -- I should do four more books today. (A book is very short, in case you aren't familiar with them. Several dense pages.) Then working on the Tananarive Due stuff. And buy plane tickets.

All that won't take all day...otherwise, just packing and working on art stuff, I think. Various logistical decisions to be made. For example, Paul and Marcia have agreed to hang on to my guitar until the next time in town, so I can take it back as a carry-on on the plane; I don't think it'd be so good for it to ride for a week in the back of an unheated truck. That kind of thing. Just lots of random stuff that needs to be decided. It's a good thing that I'm decisive. :-)

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