Feeling somewhat better;…

Feeling somewhat better; eating helped. I think I'd been eating sort of erratically the last day or two, and I needed to stabilize my system a bit. I've actually been working off and on the last few hours; cleared my desk, did some laundry, sorted through a bunch of e-mails to figure out a time when most of the conference people could meet, set up a meeting (gods, I hated scheduling back when I did secretarial work, and now I'm *volunteering* to do it? What's happening to me?)

Also reading McKillip still, pleasant. And watched a good episode of Angel. Was watching Deep Space Nine sort of lackadaisically while sorting through tapes (I think I can cheerfully get rid of at least three-quarters of them), when Kev called. We spent a while talking about various logistical things. The primary options are:

  • pack everything in boxes and ship through UPS (disadvantages: more stuff will likely break, can't bring the rocking chair I rather like)
  • pack into U-Haul and drive (disadvantages: requires two days driving)
  • pack into pack-and-drive truck and let them drive (disadvantage: not sure how easily we can manage unloading on the other end; Kevin lives downtown and there isn't really place for parking, also will probably break more than U-Haul, but less than UPS)
I actually think all these options will cost about the same, so it's just the logistical difficulties at play. Most confusing.

Too tired to think about it now...going to go take some McKillip to bed.

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