What does one do with…

What does one do with old audio tapes when one is moving? Does anybody want such? Especially when more than half of them are just taped off other people's tapes? I swear, if one of you wants a box of assorted random tapes from my teenage years, just speak up, and I'll happily send it to you. Don't know what else to do with them...and it seems wrong to just throw them out.

In other news, the weather is seriously weird here. Big dust and wind storms all day, turning the sky this strange brown-orange, making it hard to breathe. It smells strange; I suppose that's the ozone? It's just started turning to rain; we're supposed to have rain storms and a bit of snow tonight. It's been sundress weather here for weeks and weeks; what an odd thing, weather is.

I've been feeling fairly sick today. Had an odd, passionate craving for a hamburger; I think I needed iron. Went to Cucina and got some roast beef; feel a little better, but still out of it and feverish. Can't concentrate much on anything; did work in bits and pieces, but finally gave up. Read some of the fifth Lemony Snickett book, but had trouble concentrating on that. Instead am now re-reading my beloved Riddle-master of Hed, which I am finding most comforting. Should last me until the good tv comes on.

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