Moving to Chicago Mood: …

Moving to Chicago Mood: Optimistic, but overwhelmed by logistics.

It snowed last night; I woke up to a heavy coating of snow on the ground and all the trees. But the sun came out an hour or so ago, and the snow's been melting steadily; the tree in front of my window is mostly green again, and the tulips next door are visible. I hope all the spring greenery survives this; it wasn't too cold for too long, so there's probably a decent chance for them.

I spent the last hour finishing Riddlemaster -- I want to dive into the second book, but I'm restraining myself for the moment, and will try to do some work instead. That's the theory, at any rate.

I need to call movers and talk to them about the unloading issue. For some reason I'm reluctant to deal with this...but Kevin's a lot worse at dealing with this kind of thing than I am, so I'd best just buckle down and do it. We need to figure out which option we're going with by Monday, so that we can buy the appropriate plane tickets two weeks in advance. It's a little surreal to think that it's now only three weeks away. In three weeks, I'll be moving out of Salt Lake for good. No more living in Utah! How astonishing.

I've started packing up my books. I think I've gotten my sf/f collection down to 4-5 book boxes. You probably have no idea how much of an achievement that is. :-) I should put together a furniture list this week -- really, doing it today would be good, since I'm going to campus today. If I post it around, I suspect I'll have no trouble selling much of it to students...and the rest should go in another yard sale in two weeks. Jed will be here to keep me company for that.

What I'm really dreading is packing up the kitchen. All those fragile glasses and plates; all those oddly-shaped pots and pans. Though I don't need to pack all of it; some of the pots are really pretty battered and should probably be abandoned. Kev's dining table only seats six -- do I need matching plates for eight? Oh, the strange questions of my life...

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