I suck at lying down…

I suck at lying down during the daytime. Instead, I churned through a pile of backlogged e-mail, which was reasonably distracting and makes me feel a bit less panicky about the possibility of ignoring important stuff. Somehow the last three or four days I just haven't wanted to deal with e-mail. Very weird. But that's better now.

I'm somewhat better too; it comes and goes. Still not sure if I'm going to make it in to class today. Turns out that what I actually have to hand in isn't so substantial; we're supposed to present on our final papers. But the real problem is that I don't really know what my final paper will be. It's supposed to be something on Epistemologies of the Renaissance. I'm interested in the subject of how the internet has transformed our current experience of the world, but I'm not sure how effectively I can compare that to what was happening in the Renaissance. I would have been happy writing on Hamlet, but I missed the class discussion on it, so I suspect I'd feel like an idiot writing about it. And I might be okay writing on Milton, but since I haven't read the text yet, I just don't know. Argh. I have two papers due in this class; one little one, 5-10 pgs, on a rare book. That one's fairly straightforward; I'm going to be working on the portolan maps from the 13th/14th century. Beautiful maps, much fun. I don't have so much of an argument there yet, but I'm sure I will. I just don't know what to do with the longer paper yet. This class has been so wide-ranging; it's a little difficult to get a handle on it.

And of course, it's impossible to concentrate on any of this with all the Kevin stuff. Part of me wants to just decide to move to Chicago and start packing. But even if I'm going, I'm not going for more than a month, and I have plenty of responsibilities to deal with here beforehand. Ugh.

I need to call Paul and talk about conference stuff, speaking of responsibilities. Later, munchkins.

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