Ill. Ugh. Ick. Oof. …

Ill. Ugh. Ick. Oof. (I'm running out of three-letter words; thank goodness my vocabulary isn't actually limited to that range...)

I just cancelled a 10 a.m. meeting and rescheduled it for Thursday; it wasn't urgent. This'll let me work at home for the next four hours (until I have to go in for a 2:30 meeting), which will hopefully give me time to feel a bit better. I actually do have to work through it; I have an assignment due for my 3:30 class that I haven't even looked at yet, and I think it's a moderately substantial one. Sigh. I guess if I'm not feeling enough better by then, I'll just stay home. But I'd really rather not...

Okay, more cheerful topics. I cut my hair! Well, Marcia cut my hair, if we're going to be pedantic about it. But the point is, it's shorter. It comes down to...well, to be blunt, right around my nipples. Mid-breast. Upper back? I don't really know how to describe it -- it's a little too long to qualify as short hair, but not really long enough to be long hair anymore. I think. Middle hair. Something like that. I think I like it, though I think I might actually like it more a little shorter. Hmm... It's going to take a while to get used to, at any rate. It's a lot bouncier now, though. Maybe I'll make Karen take a picture of it, so you can get a sense.

Did I mention that I'll see Karen this week? I'm going to Chicago from Thursday night through Sunday afternoon; Karen's going to drive down from Madison with Tot on Friday! Isn't that too cool? She's planning on arriving around lunchtime; I figure I'll take her to Artopolis (I think another friend of hers is coming too), and show her Kev's condo (and hopefully Kevin, unless he has to be on campus then), and maybe drag her down to Hyde Park and show her around the U of C. The dorm I used to live in; the cafe where we got samosas. Roshani's going to try to finish work early and maybe come join us for tea.

Reasonably final decisions are being made this weekend, btw; by Monday I should be able to tell y'all what's going on. We're still discussing and waffling (mostly waffling).

Sorry for short sentences and paragraphs. Having a hard time concentrating. Better than just lying in bed feeling sick, though.

Finished the Due piece, finally, this morning. I could have sent it out last night, but I wanted to give it one more look-through in the morning with a clear head. Hopefully Professor Bleiler won't mind too much that it's a day late. I'm pretty happy with it; I may just go ahead and use it as an article for SH, if I don't have time to develop it further. Not really the sort of critical article we usually carry -- it's more of an introduction to her work than anything else; it doesn't really take up any critical stance. But still, I think likely to be interesting to readers. Chock-full of spoilers, though.

I still haven't tracked down a copy of one story of hers, an erotica piece. I didn't know she wrote erotica! Hopefully will be able to amend article to include a note on it.

Ow, ow, ow. Ugh.

Okay, I think my body is defeating me. I'm gonna go lie down. You can go read this week's SH, taking particular note of the baseball story and a Rachel Hartman baseball cartoon in honor of baseball season (which I think is starting somewhere around now, yes?)

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