A new addition — Dan…

A new addition -- Dan Percival, who claims to be too humble to claim a title...

Kingdom Roster

  • Marissa Lingen, First Subject
  • Shmuel Ross, Grand Vizier
  • C.J. Czelling, Seneschal
  • Countess Sunita Von Count, Minister of the Department of Redundancy Department
  • Sir James of Tallahassee
  • Zak Jarvis, Lord of Ostentation, Minister of Obfuscation on first Wednesdays in August
  • Sharmila Mohanraj, Princess Royale, High Consul Overlooking Various and Sundry Internal and External Affairs
  • Dan Percival, Humble Subject (Knight-in-Disguise)
...after all, with a name like "Percival"...

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